QuReP News

Photonics (area 'communication networks') Concertation meeting 2010

The QuReP project was recently presented in Brussels at the Photonics (area 'communication networks') Concertation meeting. The aim of this event is to present the new call 4 and 5 projects that were launched recently, allow the longer-running horizontal actions in this area to present their scope and status, and to provide the participants with the opportunity to meet and explore potential partnerships or cooperation.
Particpating projects will be expected to provide a 10-15 minute presentation at the event and to participate actively in the discussions.

The objectives of the concertation meeting are:

  • to facilitate the kick-off for the Call 4 and Call 5 projects;
  • to facilitate their fast integration with the running projects in the community;
  • to network and explore potential synergies between projects.

All of the presentations are now on line and you can also find the QuReP presentation here.