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QuRep Kick-off In Paderborn

The QuReP project had its Kick-Off Meeting in Paderborn on the 11-12th of January. Despite some of the worst weather for traveling in recent years, all partners arrived more or less on time!

QuReP Members in Paderborn 2010

QuReP Group Photo (click image for high resolution)

In attendance were: Nicolas Gisin, Rob Thew, Mikael Afzelius, Hugues de Riedmatten & Félix Bussières (UNIGE); Stefan Kröll and Lars Rippe (LUNDS) ;Jean-Louis Le Gouët (LAC); Philippe Goldner (LCMCP); Alban Ferrier (UPMC); Matthieu Legré (IDQ); Wolfgang Sohler, Harald Herrmann  & Abu Thomas (PAD) along with Christine Silberhorn who is currently moving from Erlangen to Paderborn.

A series of talks from all groups were given in the morning followed by afternoon discussions on planning for the project. Some of these will be available in the Dissemination section.